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2020 Reunion Cancelled

Some bad news...

The upcoming reunion, Sept. 2020 Gatlinburg, Tn., is cancelled due to the residual effects of COVID-19. 

Gatlinburg has not opened up completely and having MTA Members subjected to less than what we normally would expect for our reunion requires this decision to be made.


This decision is strictly due to the effects of the virus after effects, accessibility to events, dining, etc.


Individuals that participated in organizing and scheduling this event along with hotel management did a tremendous job and we will continue communicating with them for a future reunion. 

Future information pertaining to the next reunion will be in the Convoy Express Newsletter later this year.

Please pass this information along the email chain to each MTA Member. This information can also be found on the usmcmta.org website.

David Gatewood
USMC MTA President 

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